Get Access to Our DFY Delivery Kit for 16 of the Best Local Niches and Save Massive Time on Setup!

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Premium Landing Page Designs


Professional Copy to Customize


DFY Ad Creation (HUGE)


DFY Keyword List Too!


Powerful Software features!


Advanced Training Materials

Delivery Made Easy, Recurring Profits on Autopilot.

Get the Full DFY Service Delivery Pack & Platinum Software Features!

Here’s what is included…

16 DFY Landing Pages ($497 Value)

Auto Mechanic | Windshield Repair | Kitchen | Remodeling | Plumbers | Roofers | Cleaning Company | Moving Company | Massage Therapist | Landscaping | Lawyer | Dentist | Chiropractor | Electrician | Pest Control | Gym’s | HVAC

Professional Sales Copy ($97 Value)

Every element in this DFY kit was scripted and written by a professional copywriter to give your business that same look and feel every time.

While we’ve went ahead and had the copy taken care of for you, it’s easy to edit to match your business like all components of this package.

Just hiring a copywriter alone would cost you far more than this upgrade but that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

DFY Google Ads for 16 Local Niches ($97 Value)


Pre-written text ads for all niches


Variations of each making 78 total


Easy to Plug and Play or Customize


Time & Money Saver (we paid our team)

DFY Keyword lists for 16 Local Niches ($97 Value)

Another big time suck when it comes to creating ad campaigns is all the keyword research and pruning that you have to do.

To make this as easy for you as possible, we had our time compile a list of keywords for each ad set that you get in the DFY ads.

From there all you must do is upload the ads with the keywords to Google AdWords, to get your clients campaigns started.

Pretty sweet!

These DFY Materials are a huge time saver when it comes to getting your monthly recurring clients setup. In the system we show you how to get the ads running, and these DFY assets make it a breeze!

When You Upgrade Now You’ll Also get the ProspectBox Value in Advance Module!

Plus When You Upgrade Now You Get Unlimited Access to Our Professional SEO Analysis Reports! ($297 Value) 

Create In Depth Reports for Any Business in Minutes!

Another great way to approach a client who maybe has a decent website but needs SEO help is our Analysis Reports. 

You can easily run an in depth website analysis for ANY business with the premium upgrade! 

Send these over as a value in advance showing them you’ve heavily researched their site before even speaking to them! 


You even get access to our private members coaching vault!

Deep Dive Training Recordings on the following topics…

Landing Local SEO Clients
($67 Value)

One of the toughest services to sell is local SEO because of how hard it is for clients to understand.

In this training we show you a proven way to land SEO clients without doing any hardcore selling or explaining SEO.

Lead Generation for High Value Niches ($197 Value)

We love working with high value niches because they are easy to get a great ROI for our clients on.

In this training we show you how to drive leads for some of the best high value niches you’ll want to be working with!

Outsourcing Tips & Strategies ($67 Value)

There is nothing more important you can do, well besides landing clients, than building a reliable team to help you deliver services.

We’ve been testing hiring strategies for years and these proven methods will make your life much easier when outsourcing for sure!

How to Build a Massive Referral Network ($67 Value)

There are no better leads than referrals, period. When somebody is referred to you there is no sales involved in closing the deal, it’s great! 

The trick is getting those referrals, in this exclusive training show you how to get them rolling in all the time, for free.

Landing & Marketing for Lawyer Clients ($149 Value)

We all know the Legal niche is one of the best high value niches to work for but how do you land them as clients and send them new business. 

This training shows you exactly how we do that and more!

Total Value Of this Entire Upgrade = $1,632

Upgrade Now and Get the DFY Materials, Software Upgrade & Private Coaching Vault!!

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