Proven System Brings in New Clients without Selling AND Sends them New Customers Largely on Autopilot!

…and these clients STICK on Monthly Recurring Plans LONG TERM!

Rapid Fire One Time Setup

Largely Automated Recurring

New Clients Coming to You

Prospecting Software to Scale

Sending Your Clients NEW CUSTOMERS is the #1 Thing that Keeps them PAYING MONTHLY!

When you can deliver what clients really want, NEW CUSTOMERS, they will stick with you for years and often increase their monthly budget.

It makes sense, right? If every time you paid $1k you got $5k in return, why wouldn’t you keep doing that and increase your investment further?

What helps us standout from the noisy local market is focusing on truly helping our clients while making things a SIMPLE as possible for ourselves.

With Our System it’s Easy to Drive High Value Leads with Minimal Ongoing Work!

Consistent Leads, New Customers, More Profit for Your Clients…

When You Can Keep Clients on Recurring Monthly Plans

You Don’t always “Need” New Business…

Doesn’t mean we’re not happy to take them on more often than not…

Just that we don’t HAVE TO bring in new clients to keep living the life we enjoy.

For you, that could mean just a handful of clients and an easy going lifestyle.

Or you could support a family of EIGHT like my business partner Robert does.

Having recurring clients makes everything easier and much more possible across the board.

You Can Even Land New Clients with NO SELLING!

In fact, they come to YOU Looking to BUY…

Hey there!

Neil Macpherson here on behalf of myself and Robert Dickson…

We’ve been doing digital marketing for a combined 25+ years, serviced hundreds of clients and have thousands of students benefiting from our teachings to this date.

In the beginning we started out just like everybody else, with some ambition to make some money online and no formal training to get there.

I dropped out high school, flaked out of college, became an Army medic and learned about internet marketing from a friend I served with. I literally started out on the GI Bill working from my grandmothers kitchen table.

Robert went the college route but decided to forgo his field and started building websites from his parents basement. He is the furthest thing from a sales person you will ever find.

Yet, neither of us have had a job in over decade. I have massive amounts of time freedom as a single guy, truly able to live the life of my dreams, while Robert can support a family of EIGHT and still has time to spare.

What’s the Secret to Landing Recurring Clients without Selling?

First off, we focus only on methods that get prospects coming to us, looking to buy.

That can be through things done offline, casual methods that make people want to know more about how we can help them…

Or through automated prospecting that gets messages and calls coming in from prospects…

No matter what though, the focus is always on helping our them so we can gain their trust, making it easier to close long term monthly marketing.

Always remember clients will buy from people they know, like and trust.

The Key is the RIGHT Front End Offer that Solves a Problem Quickly!

When you help somebody solve a problem, it’s easy for them to like and trust you after that.

While other marketers focus on trying to make a quick buck, we’ve found plenty of success by seeing the bigger picture.

If the goal is to build reliable recurring income, then you want focus on that above all.

That’s we use high value foot in the door offers that are easy to deliver and profitable for us, while solving a problem from a client.

From there, we use a pretty stealth process to move those clients into our monthly marketing plans.

When you do it the way we do…

Closing Deals Starts to Feel More like Taking an Order and Clients are Excited to Sign up!

Look we’ve done all the trial and error, been down the pitfalls and enjoyed the successes.

The demand for local marketing services is at an all time high right now so the ocean of prospect that need your help getting new customers is massive.

Robert and I truly love to help folks like you see enjoy the same success we have from this highly profitable recurring business.

That’s we created this step-by-step training that we’re offering for such an amazing deal!

Start Getting Recurring Clients that STICK with Our Proven System Today…



Stop Needing to "Get Clients" All the Time


Never Start Another Month at Zero (Recurring)


Keeps Clients on Board LONG TERM (sustainable)


Creates Freedom & Flexibility (scale or chill)


Largely Automated Lead Gen Methods (reliable)


Simplified Step-by-Step Training (easy to do)


No Previous Experience Required (start today)


Can Be Done Online & Works Worldwide (remote)

The Proven System for Landing New Recurring Local Marketing Clients and Keeping them On Board for Years!

What you’ll learn inside…


Setting Up Your System ($47 Value)

In module one you’ll learn how the entire system works from start to finish so you can set it up for yourself.

We’ll show you how to streamline the entire process so it’s easy to do, saves time and can be largely automated.

In addition, we cover our best secrets for finding high quality outsourcers, designers, VA’s and more that can help deliver high quality results to your client.

And don’t worry, we show you how to make it easy to manage a small team that makes you look like rockstar, and it doesn’t cost you anything up front when done correctly.


Getting Your Foot in the Door ($47 Value)

Once you’re all set up, it’s time to get your foot in the door with potential prospects that have raised their hand and shown an interest in what your services.

We’ll show you the perfect prospects to target right now in 2022 with smooth front end offers that are irresistible to these prospects.

When it comes to all the “hard stuff” like contracts, closing the deals, proposals you’ll learn how to make it simple for both you and the client. Win-win.

From there we’ll show the perfect upsell “pitch” that’s more like a conversation and leads to clients signing up for recurring monthly plans.


How to Drive Automated Local Leads ($97 Value)

In module three we break down the exact methods we use to drive new customers to clients on a consistent basis.

You’ll learn how to flood their site with organic traffic month in and month out with little to no ongoing maintenance.

Then we hand you our step-by-step blueprint for creating profitable paid ad campaigns (client pays budget) that send highly trackable calls and form submissions.

We’ll even show you how to take your clients reputation on Google to the next level, no matter where they stand now.

The cool part is all of this is paint by numbers easy, and it’s rolled into one simple monthly payment for the client.


Ongoing Profits and Growth ($47 value)

In the final module we cover how to maintain the results you are getting for your clients while even improving them along the way.

The super simple steps to keeping paid ad campaigns profitable for your clients and the easy way to show them those results.

You’ll learn our secrets to using templates for everything that make life easy for you when it comes getting new clients to the “Cruise Control” mode.

Reporting will become easy peezy, you’ll love doing it and your clients will look forward to seeing the results.

The best part is this all takes very little time, and your business can even GROW in the process.

We’ve Included EVERYTHING You Need to Be Successful with the Client Cruise Control System!

Start Building Your Recurring Empire Today with this Powerful Training for an Amazing Launch Deal…

With the time recurring income free’s up, you can stack additional income streams with it…

More time to Grow/Systemize

Easier to Scale to More Profit



Reliable Yet Flexible (family/Travel)

Helps Real Businesses that Need it

See what people are saying about our training products…

Proven, Reliable, and Sustainable Recurring.

Buy Now and You Also Get Our Custom Prospecting Software as a BONUS ($197 Value)!

(Limited Time Only)



Find the Perfect Prospects in Minutes


Identify Pain Point Problems to Fix


Build a Massive List of Prospects


Market to these Leads on Autopilot


Combine with Existing Tools You Use


100% Supported with Pro Dev Team

With Prospect Box it’s Easy to Find the Perfect Prospects and get them Contacting YOU Begging to Have You Solve their Problem…

Search for the Perfect Prospects

With our slick interface you can quickly search for any niche you want to target (we give you the best ones) and identify the perfect prospects immediately.

No other tool that we know of allows you to see in an instant if a clients website looks crappy to the naked, human eye.

You can also quickly see if it is mobile optimized, how many reviews they have and even pull those negative reviews to show them this problem.

We don’t overwhelm you with data you don’t need to bog you down. Problems you can fix, found in an instant, that lead to your monthly recurring plans.

Build a Massive List of Leads

One of the key goals of ProspectBox when we built it was to be able to easily sort/filter and download our leads to use in other systems when desired.

You can create a massive list of prospects that have the exact problem, you have the solution for in no time flat.

Not only can you find the email/contact for most businesses, but you can even find their social profiles as well and use our sneaky social messaging to land new clients.

Market to Prospects on Autopilot

Another key feature for Prospectbox is allowing your VA to market to these leads for you. This makes it hands off for you to have messages going out to these prospects while you sleep.

That’s the trick to getting leads contacting you, ready to buy or have you fix their problem.

It’s all targeted, strategic and designed to help you achieve the ultimate goal of landing clients without selling.

With your PRO Agency License, you can use up to Three VA’s at once, allowing for massive scaling if you want!

When You Combine ProspectBox with the Client Cruise Control System the Sky is the Limit for Landing Recurring Clients that STICK!

Check out the demo video below to see ProspectBox in Action…

Get ProspectBox and Client Cruise Control Today for Only…


PRO Agency License for ProspectBox ($97 Value)

That’s right we’re giving you the agency license so that you can use the Prospectbox software with your entire team! You can have up to three additional team members using the software for you 24/7! Search any niche, any city, anytime!

Deal Closing Proposal Template ($67 Value)

Often closing the deal comes down to simply sending over a proposal that explains how you can help a prospect. We know this can be daunting for some folks so we’re including our plug and play, proven to close template.

Service Delivery Checklists ($97 Value)

Yep, to make things paint by numbers simple we’re including our internal checklists for each recurring service we teach you to offer in the system. Just follow the steps when a client signs up to start driving them new leads!

FID Service Delivery Template ($67 Value)

To make our bestselling foot in the door offer, we’ve developed a template you can use to make delivering these services take no time at all. That means more profit for you, time is money as you know.

DFY Email Marketing Messages ($47 Value)

While we recommend you always customize these to your business, we’re happy to give you the email message templates we have in our arsenal that get prospects to raise their hand!

Sample Contract ($47 Value)

While we don’t do contracts very often, in some cases it can be necessary to have some form of anarrangement on paper. You can use this sample contract as a starting point. 

By now you can see that this is an amazing offer which we could easily charge $197 or more for and that would still be a total steal.

Well, during this limited time offer you can get it for way less but the clock is ticking. Sign up now and get all these bonuses, plus our ProspectBox software and the complete training for one super low price.

Get All of These Bonuses Included When You Buy Today!

(Total Value $857)

The Demand for Local Lead Gen Has Never Been Higher!

With everything that’s transpired over the last couple years, there has been a MASSIVE shift to doing business online which works in your favor.

Now more than ever businesses need help getting in front of prospects online as in person methods lessen by the day it seems.

These businesses desperately need help, and they are just looking for somebody like you that can deliver.

With our system you can know without a shadow of a doubt that you and bring these businesses new customers that they will happily pay you monthly for.

This can work for anybody who takes action and sticks to it.

We’re not promising overnight riches, but we can say for a fact that this system works to build a reliable recurring client base that sticks with you for years when done correctly.

The price on this is crazy low so you know it’s going up when this special deal ends.

Don’t pass up the chance to steal our system and build your own recurring empire with proven strategies!

Grab Your Copy Today….

See You on the Inside!

Robert Dickson

Neil Macpherson

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